The 2024-25 School Year begins August 14!

Educate, Develop,
& Train

Akili’s mission centers on three key areas:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Career Pathways
  • Involvement in Christian Community

Community Partnerships

We love partnering with local businesses or organizations who have internships or apprenticeships that would be a good fit for our students.

Columbus State Community College
Equip Skills Center
Franklin University
Franklinton Rising
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Tech Corps

Unique Features of Akili Christian High School

Bible Studies & Mentorship

Akili students have the opportunity to attend high school Bible studies offered by Dwell Community Church on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Furthermore, students who are interested in growing their relationships with God may be mentored by Dwell high school ministry leaders.

Career Readiness Focus

Students will take the Strong Inventory, a nationally recognized career interest assessment, during their freshman year to begin the dialogue about career choices. Akili students will then shadow at least three different professionals before engaging in one of the three flexible career pathways offered at the school during their junior year.

Life Coaching

Akili is pleased to partner with Dwell Commmunity Church to offer students access to Life Coaches. Life coaches are mature adults who volunteer to meet with students one-on-one to teach valuable skills such as study habits, job acquisition and retention, getting a driver’s license, and other skills needed to be a fully functional adult.

Small Class Sizes

Each grade at Akili Christian High School is between 15-25 students, ensuring that each student gets individualized attention and career opportunities that are personalized to their skills and interests.

Special Electives

Students will take Bible classes each year that focus on the core teachings of the Bible in line with Akili’s Statement of Faith. Students will also take a Life Skills class starting sophomore year that will teach them personal finance alongside other necessary skills.

Transportation & Tuition

Akili students who live within the Columbus City Schools district will have access to Columbus City Schools busing, and many of our students will be eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship Program.

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Flexible Career Pathways

Each Akili student will choose one of three pathways to participate in beginning his or her junior year:


These students are interested in pursuing a four year or two year college degree after high school. As such, they will have the opportunity to participate in the College Credit Plus Programs at Columbus State Community College and Ohio State.

Technical (Vocational)

These students are interested in the skilled trades such as auto mechanics, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work, and they will be able to investigate these trades through our partnerships with Luke’s Auto and other companies in Columbus.

Information Technology/Medical

These students are interested in careers in technology and medical fields, and Akili will provide them with opportunities to earn the relevant certifications or work towards further education in their chosen field.